“One country!”… “Two systems!”, 17 August 2019

This photograph was taken on the portico of the National Gallery, in Trafalgar Square, London. The pro-democracy protests was organised by Stand With Hong Kong, with supporters of the Beijing Government also turning up to counter-protests, calling those in support of Hong Kong pro-democracy movement as traitors (漢奸走狗). The pro-Beijing protesters chanted “one country”, whilst the pro-democracy protesters retorted “two systems”, a reference to the promised system of “one country, two systems” under which Hong Kong would be governed by Hongkongers following the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China, guaranteeing a high degree of autonomy for Hong Kong for at least 50 years.

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Hong Kong protesters in UK say they face pro-Beijing intimidation, The Guardian, 18 October 2019.

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